About Us:

We are currently at max capacity due to financial and pasture restriction and can not accept any new horses until we resolve the issue.  We can however try and assist in re-homing animals and finding animals for candidates.  

TLC Rescue Ranch is owned and operated by a husband and wife team originally started in Lethbridge. The rescue is self-funded by Victor and Evelyn Breault (husband and wife) and is small at the moment since they are operating on leased land. They dream of soon owning their own land in order to eliminate the restrictions that are affiliated with being on leased land. Once the land is acquired, TLC hopes to expand their service from rescue to also allow the possibility of offering rehabilitation therapy for the less fortunate, the special needs, and juveniles; and offer them the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and fulfil a promising and rewarding future.

Our Mission:

To assist Equine that have been neglected, abused or who have loving owners who simply no longer have the capacity to care for them, or don’t have the use for them anymore. To help our equine companions to find new and suitable homes. To provide proper rehabilitation, care , training and all the TLC they desire and deserve. To offer them the chance to become horses again and regain faith in humans and reach their full potential. We will help potential owners through education, training and any other means required to assure that they are going to a good home and become the best companions that they are.


To help horses and owners reach their full potential and become one.